We crammed a lot in on Halloween, since we'd been in Boston.  We carved pumpkins while we ate our halloween dinner of mummies, pumpkins and bats.
 Brandon helped Ryme carve her baby pumpkin.  She was very excited about it!
 Tanzen with his pumpkin...it's a pig :)
 Kett with his scary pumpkin
 The Winnie-the-Pooh theme happened by default.  I was looking for costumes at a thrift store and the only one they had that was the right size and decent was a Tigger.  I went back a week later and the happened to have Winnie the Pooh in Kett's size.  Once I had Tigger and Pooh I decided Ryme had to be Piglet, so I found her costume on Ebay.  They were very excited, and requested we call them by their "real" names.

 My brother, Chaz, and his wife, Hayley, stopped to give the kids a little Halloween treat.  Can you guess their costume?  Chaz is a tree, and Hayley is a tree hugger.  Very appropriate for the newly weds :)

Kett got tired after a bit, but Tigger kept on "bouncin, bouncin, bouncin!"
They were super excited to leave their candy out for the Great Pumpkin, and got some cool Angry Bird's balls they're very excited about.  I LOVE the Great Pumpkin!  Now what to do with all that candy...?

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