Happy Valentines!

Makett is very into holidays, and he's always asking what holiday is coming next.  They were really excited about Valentine's day, and had fun making and delivering Valentines...as well as receiving them :)
Ryme with her cousin- I think Ryme looks really old in this pic!

This heat vent is the kids' (and Khylo's) favorite place to hang out

Tanzen loves creating things- he goes through so much tape!  He made an airplane out of raisin boxes, a part from the dishwasher rack, and a toy knife

 Ryme is on a bit of a food strike right now, but thankfully she still drinks smoothies!

 Ryme and I have been battling over doing her hair for the last few months- she constantly pulls out whatever clip/elastic I put in it.  It's now long enough that it really bugs her to not have it pulled back, and the other day she kept wanting me to put more "pretties" in it.

 Tanny and Brandon drew this picture of him at my parent's cabin, which he loves

Laundry baskets continue to be a favorite hang out

Tracy Aviary

We went to Tracy Aviary as a Christmas activity.  It was a little different than expected...
Santa was a pelican...

We watched a vulture 'unwrap' presents...it was snowing pretty hard!

The highlight was definitely getting an up close view of these ducks

Of course, hot chocolate and cookies are always good too!


A concert!

We love the deer that sleep in our backyard!

Tanny made this airplane by himself

Ryme helping Tanzen brush his teeth

Kett and Ryme playing Mommy and Daddy

Ryme loves taking care of her babies

The boys can't wait till Daddy gets home so they can tackle him



When Daddy comes home...

Our favorite time of the day is when Daddy comes home.  When it was warm, the kids would run out to his car, and help him 'drive' the car in the driveway.


My aunt made these bows for her

Her favorite book-- "Baby Says."  She knows all the words!

Big brothers outside in the snow...and she can't keep up!
Studying with daddy!

I feel bad we didn't get her girl toys sooner-- She's been in heaven taking care of her baby Santa brought


 Here's Makett in pictures, from the fall...

Makett made Santa Claus a present
Makett spends hours making books and pictures
Kett loves playing with my phone.  I put a password on it, but he still figured out how to take pictures, and my phone is full of pictures and movies of Kett.  They crack me up!  Here are a few...