Ryme with her cousin- I think Ryme looks really old in this pic!

This heat vent is the kids' (and Khylo's) favorite place to hang out

Tanzen loves creating things- he goes through so much tape!  He made an airplane out of raisin boxes, a part from the dishwasher rack, and a toy knife

 Ryme is on a bit of a food strike right now, but thankfully she still drinks smoothies!

 Ryme and I have been battling over doing her hair for the last few months- she constantly pulls out whatever clip/elastic I put in it.  It's now long enough that it really bugs her to not have it pulled back, and the other day she kept wanting me to put more "pretties" in it.

 Tanny and Brandon drew this picture of him at my parent's cabin, which he loves

Laundry baskets continue to be a favorite hang out

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